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This kinda proves the ACHIEVEMENT! flash is true

This is a site where you can make your own Xbox Achievement for the laughs!
I find it funny and a bit fun to play with.

so if you are sad and need your spirits boosted up...Here's an Achievement

Funny Achievement Generator

Not Lost Winds

2009-04-04 23:27:39 by LegatoSkyheart

It's tougher than I thought. I haven't even got through HALF of it, but it's coming along. I might make a preview of it but then again. I might not.
It might go to 2 parts too. which I don't want it to but you know.

Depends on the file size

Not Lost Winds

I found this site in my travels of finding Zelda Sounds.
Zelda Sounds
It's a nifty Site with all the sounds of Link and other Zelda stuff you need
so if you guys are in need of some Link sounds here ya go!

Oh and this is a preview of something I MIGHT POST! (OMG!)

Just something I thought I should share

The Street Fighter Collab

2009-01-27 23:48:47 by LegatoSkyheart

I made a flash and submitted one. I Hope I get in it! it would be AWESOME! Plus I have found new inspiration to post more Flash! I will start on more flash and post it!

oh yeah what's cool about Winter weather is no school! :3 excited!

Some "Cartoon HD sprites"

2008-12-22 18:35:59 by LegatoSkyheart

I've been making these lately hope some people like them. rt/Megaman-HD-sprite-106929319 rt/KFM-HD-sprite-107027944
probably my Favorite one is the one I made using Flash

Some "Cartoon HD sprites"

Screw it.

2008-12-05 21:46:23 by LegatoSkyheart

I really hate myself. I keep getting Ideas and nothing is getting done. So now I'm not entirely sure which one of my projects will be the next upload. sucks.

Santa's message on hold

2008-11-30 01:59:54 by LegatoSkyheart

well my next project is put on hold because I don't really know what he should say

but on the bright side I am making another flash that will be drawn

I also have another sprite flash about Cloud fighting a Dragon Knight (or a Dragoon)

so I have 3 Projects now nifty

hopefully Santa's Message will be finished before the Holidays are over.

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It's out!

2008-11-26 02:51:00 by LegatoSkyheart

My Newest Flash Film is out! check it out!

It's out!

My Next Flash Film

2008-11-25 03:29:16 by LegatoSkyheart

The Picture Below is part of my next flash that I am making. It's about Mario facing off against a Mole man on a tank!
I've been working on it all day so expect it to be up either tomorrow or Wednesday.

The Next Project is called "Santa's Message" and it's going to be Drawn. So don't expect another Sprite Flash after the Mario one. (That is until I come up with another 'story' involving Sprites)

My Next Flash Film

Deviant Art account

2008-11-23 17:22:16 by LegatoSkyheart

So I have a deviant art account
it has some Super Saiyan Kirbys, Fan Arts, and some original stuff so if you want you can check it out

oh here's a random video

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in fact that's my video for youtube!

man I have a lot of accounts to a lot of places.

Deviant Art account